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          About Us

          About Us

          NAC(Tianjin) International Trade Co., Ltd. was established on April 1, 1999 and is registered in Tianjin Pilot Free Trade Zone. Over the years, through strategic cooperation with domestic and foreign chemical giants, it has formed a highly competitive supply of chemical products, Sales and service channels.  

          The company currently distributes antioxidants, ultraviolet absorbers, photoinitiators, flame retardants and other additive products involving coatings, inks, adhesives, daily chemicals, electronics and other fields.    

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          Product Center

          Product Center

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          Our Strength

          Our Strength

          Century-old brand

          Make recommendations for additives based on rich experience

          100+ experts R&D team

          22 years of stable product suppliers to Japan

          Trend-setting design

          The supplier provides reliable quality products to  Japan

          Prenium service

          Contribute to productivity improvements and rationalization

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